Rex Job

Rex played 1 game for Carlton in 1931, this was in round 1. Although his surname was pronounced “Jobe”. His full name was Frederick Rexford Job. He knew renowned Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor. Here Rex is described on the Carlton website, “Rex was a mild drinker who used to have a few at the pub on a Friday night when Squizzy and his cohorts fronted up for a beer or two. He said they used to throw their nickel-plated pistols on the table, have a drink and lay a bet’.


Yes we know that Allan Hopkins had been int he league since 1925, however in reading and researching his Brownlow medal win, we discovered his amazing nickname. And it was a nickname that we just couldn’t pass up, Kaz being seduced by his fruity, gambettaesque nickname.

Allan “Banana Legs” Hopkins

With a surname sounding like a Spanish beach, this Melbourne player edged out a few others.


Ted Esposito


William London Hollington

A one game Melbourne player, William London Hollington had a name that we thought suited a Melbourne player down to a tee. Kaz, having the final say awarded Hollington with the title because it “sounds like a brand of fine whiskey”.

The inaugural winner of the McCracken name award, Jazzlegs Gambetta has been a favorite of the show since he burst onto the scene in the early twenties. His name is a great mixture of musical terms and Italian gangster. His name comes from having suffered from polio as a child he had badly bowed legs which gave him an awkward running style.

1922, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

Cyril “Jazzlegs” Gambetta


Rex De Garis

A StKilda player who played 4 seasons for the Saints, helping the team to form a Garis-son on the wing.

7 games and 6 goals for the Saints in this season, was really nothing to bragg about.


Albert Bragg

Vic Gross would play several season with Geelong. Not being as gross as his name might suggest.


Vic Gross


Sharing a famous surname can also win you the award

George Hemmingway


This Richmond players first name got him over the name, Reefton, quite unusual.

Reefton Spicer


Charlie Brown

In a year with 4 teams, Sharing a name with a comic strip character, Kaz chose his name due to it being “Gangsta”.

A 3 year StKilda player. A shoe in for this award from the time we decided to introduce it.

1914, 1915

Harry Horsenail


Algy played for two teams in 1913, Melbourne for 10 games and then StKilda for 10 games, surely this is some kind of record.

Algy Milhouse

It’s rare that a players name describes the type of player they were, but this Fitzroy champion was a Freake. He kicked 53 goals in his debut season of 1912. Freake!


Jimmy Freake

This former University player has a name that suggests he could have been a villain from an episode of Scooby Doo. You can just imagine Old Man McGillicuddy blaming those pesky kids.


Reg McGillicuddy

A Richmond player, via Albury. Two senior games in 1910, enough to clinch him the medal!


Les Fraudenfelder

Interesting Name for an Essendon Player, playing 1 game. His middle initial was V.


Hurtle Rice

Wally’s father, James, had migrated to Australia from the village of Whampoa near Canton in 1865, lured by the riches being won in the gold rushes throughout central Victoria


Wally Koochew


Another Carlton champion, who started back in 1905, but in a somewhat controversial move, Kaz decided he could no longer ignore the nickname and he was included 2 years after his debut, despite not having a good enough name 2 years earlier. I guess the name wore on him.

Norman “Hackenschmidt” Clarke

Carlton Player, who in the future would be a very controversial figure, especially after his 5 year suspension for bribery in 1910. His nickname enough to earn him the McKracken medal.


Alex “Bongo” Lang

In a tough year, Onyons had tough competition, from the likes of Barclay “titch” Bailes, Norman “Hackenshmidt” Clarke, George “Mallee” Johnson and Bill Dolphin. However with a name like Basil Onyons, taking in not one but two types of grown food, it was hard to look past him.


Basil Onyons


Bill “Fuzzy Buzzy” Busbridge

Essendon Champion who made his debut in 04. He would go on to be a premiership player and “Champion of then Colony”.

1902 & 1903

Bob Molesworth

Robert Hickman Molesworth played 2 games with St Kilda. His name makes Kaz chuckle


Hercules Vollugi

Hercules Vollugi possess a name that exudes strength and sounds like a member of the mafia. With the nickname ‘Herc’, Vollugi would play in Essendon's 1901 premiership team, which came in his first league season. He also played in the 1902 VFL Grand Final, which Essendon lost. A total of 70 games. he also served od the clubs board.

Bill De Gruchy was an Australian rules footballer who played 1 game with Geelong in 1900, enough to win the McCracken name award with that one game. Also the first player to win the award, knocking off three time winner Ivo Crapp.


Bill De Grunchy

1897, 1898, 1899

Henry “Ivo” Crapp

Henry “Ivo” Crapp, the prince among umpires and a show favorite.His name was the first thing that we noticed about him. He was not christened "Ivo." Henry was his name. It is said his elder brother was nicknamed "Ivo" after the well-known English cricket captain, Ivo Bligh, and this was, later on, usurped by Harry. Crapp played for Carlton for only one season, the whistle claiming him afterwards.