Crapp and the Drunk!

Round six of the 1914 season saw Ivo Crapp at Fremantle Oval umpiring a game between South Fremantle and Subiaco. Both teams had started the season well, and were sitting with four wins and 1 loss heading into this game.  The opening of the game was a tight one with a free flowing first quarter, seeing 7 goals scored and then a tight second quarter in which South Fremantle scored 2 goals and Subiaco 1. The difference at the break was a solitary point. As the teams lined up to start the second half, a pleasant looking drunk, made his way onto the ground and headed towards the center of the ground. He made it all the way to Ivo Crapp in the middle, and gravely shook hands with him. He asked Ivo to have a look at the ball, and Ivo obliged, handing the ball over to the man who promptly examined it, then kicked it with all his might into the air. The drunk, being satisfied that the ball was genuine and the umpire was in good health, made his way back to the fence, tumbled over, and returned to his bottles. Subiaco would run out winners in a low scoring second half, adding only two goals themselves, while holding South Fremantle goal less. These two teams would be destined to meet again in the finals.