The five of us have worked together for some time, and much of our conversation is around football. We decided that even though we had a lot to talk about with the current season, there was much in the past we didn’t know. The first discussion we had about doing this podcast was at a wedding in Richmond, the same night that Richmond won through to the 2017 Grand Final.

Not long after this, we recorded our first episode, trying to explore the history of the original eight teams and the evolution of the game from 1858-1896.

It’s fair to say that early on we didn’t know what we were doing, and had a lack of resources. However as we have grown and learned more about the game, and so has our audience.

We are now into the second year of recording, over 30 episodes in and have a much better handle on what makes the show interesting and fun.

Looking back now on that first episode or two, which we call Episode 0 and Episode 1, it was really a brief look at the origin of the game and the history of the teams up until 1897. It’s almost cringeworthy now because we aren't experts, honestly did Kaz know exactly what the show was about? He wanted to start talking about Kevin Murray! We had three resources we were using; Every Game Ever Played, AFL/VFL Player Encyclopedia and The 100 Years of Football. We thought the later to be a great resource at the time, but how we quickly learned. Many times we have discussed re-doing those first few episodes, but in another way it shows that we are on a learning journey along with the listeners of our show. And over time, we have made use of a wealth of resources, cross-referencing as much as possible.

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Despite coming to the game of Australian Rules Football as an older fan in his late teens, Kaz (or Kazman as he is lovingly known) is an integral part of our show, providing a unique insight into the game, as he has been an umpire in the Outer East Football League. Kaz also provides us with his musical expertise and helps to create all the songs and musical pieces we have in the show. Finally, Kaz also acts as the technical genius on our show; recording, mixing and mastering every single show we do. An avid Demons supporter, Kaz cannot wait until the day we can finally chat about Kevin Murray.




Charlie has loved footy and the Dees since his dad first took him to the MCG when he was five. Watching Allen Jakovich and Jeff Farmer while growing up only cemented his belief that this was truly the greatest game ever played. Charlie has always loved interesting stats and facts about footy, and has loved the opportunity to learn more about the history of the game and the club that he loves.

Charlie loves digging through Trove and the huge collection of great books out there to find out more about the game, and how it has moulded so many people’s lives. He is responsible for the ‘Give Us Some History’ segment of the show, and backs Tim up with his research, as there is so much to go through!



“Through the annals of history”

Tim has had a lifelong association with football, attending his first game at the MCG in the late 80’s and becoming hooked. With an early interest in the history of the game, Tim would constantly borrow football history books from his school library and reading a picture book titles: “I Barrack For Essendon.” Tim played football throughout most of his youth, culminating in the captaincy of his teams 2nd XVIII in 2000. After a 15 year break from playing, and just being a spectator at many, many AFL games, Tim rejoined the player ranks in 2015, kicking 5 goals in his comeback game, before holding down a spot in the teams backline for his one comeback season. Tim provides much of the research on the VFL clubs for the podcast, from his ever growing library of acquired books. He is also responsible for the social media accounts and promoting the show.



“Kick Straight”

The newest member of our Kick to Kick team, Big Red (AKA Ryan) comes to us as a suburban football legend, with many games played across Victoria for teams such as Sale, Phillip Island and Bentleigh. A former Fitzroy supporter, Ryan now follows the Demons. His segment ‘Big Red’s Round-up’ takes a good look at state and local leagues around Australia.